YouTube Channels for Teaching History

It’s hard to believe that my car is older than YouTube. I think YouTube is one of those Internet resources that has completely changed the way we go about our lives and view information. There are several YouTube channels that provide excellent videos on American and world history.

Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History

This a video showing the First Ladies Dresses exhibit, but this channel has all kinds of short fun videos.

National Archives

The National Archives channel has both archival footage and lectures and discussions by historians, archivists and individuals.

American Experience from PBS

Another video pick about First Ladies. Enjoy this bit about Dolly Madison:

The British Museum

I think the British Museum is a great resource for ancient world history. Enjoy this clip about the Tower of Babel.

UK National Archives

This will have a lot of WWII and WWI archival footage.

Check the websites of other museums, historical societies or TV channels you like to see if they have a social media feed that links to a YouTube Channel.


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