How to evaluate Internet resources

This is part of a series of posts created for the 6th grade history class at the Morristown-Beard School.

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You’re about to start a research assignment on the 13 Colonies. You’re probably going to want to use a lot of books, but you can also use the Internet to find information.

Using the Internet is tricky, because unlike books and journal articles, websites are not necessarily reviewed. This means, no one has to check to make sure that what is written on a website is true. So how can we tell that a website is okay to use?

We can look for a few clues to help us determine if a website is trustworthy:

  • Does the website belong to an organization we can trust? This might mean a university, museum, or library. It might even be an educational organization, TV or radio station. A university usually has a .edu in the URL. Museums, libraries, TV networks and radio stations tend to have a .org. If it is a government agency, it will have a .gov.

    You can tell this site is from Yale University by the in the address bar.

    You can tell this website is part of the PBS site because the address says

    • A good website will let you know who is responsible for the information. Sometimes they will tell you the organization or even the person who wrote the information. Usually they will give you a way to contact them.

      You can see the contact button on this site.

      No matter what, always think carefully before including Internet resources. If you have questions ask your teacher, a librarian or a parent.

    Take this quiz to test your new skills!

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