Sources about the Middle Colonies

This is part of a series of posts created for the 6th grade history class at the Morristown-Beard School.

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Here are some resources about the Middle Colonies:

General Information from the Independence Hall Association to get you started.


Get a sense of daily life in the city by learning more about William Penn’s vision for Philadelphia.

Did you know New York used to be Dutch? Learn more about Dutch history in the Middle Colonies.


Listen to a few short lectures by Professor Jean Soderlund about Quakers in New Jersey.

Learn more about the different religions in the Middle Colonies at this National Humanities Center website. Scroll down to the end of the page for a link to more online resources.


Slavery was not only a big part of the southern colonies, it played a significant role in the northern and middle colonies. Read this article by historian Douglas Harper to learn more about slavery in New Jersey.

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